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Hey Body Bliss Beyond provides rejuvenation and alternative therapy to promote mental and physical health by increasing blood circulation, relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, anxiety and quick recoveries from injuries.

Hot Bliss Rocks

Warm basalt stones will relax and warm the muscles increasing circulation, which will aid in the therapeutic benefits of well-being and harmony. These soothing stones combined with oil will loosen up tight tense muscles..

Tandem Touch

When 1 isn’t enough, 2 professional therapists are perfect for reducing stress by performing simultaneous massage on an individual using special blends of essential oils that are perfect for reducing stress, relieving tension..

Couples Rapture

This invigorating, deep, direct pressure applied to specific trigger points loosens tight, knotted muscles to ease and relax. Athletes Treat is a restorative session that includes stretching, the use of fingers, thumbs, knuckles and elbows..

Deep Bliss

Perfect deep tissue session to relieve stiffness and chronic muscle tension. The techniques used are performed with elbow, forearm, and hands, using deep and slow strokes to penetrate deep layers of muscle.

Body Bliss Beyond Specials

​1 Hr. Therapeutic Massage - $75.00

1 Hr. Therapeutic Couples Massage - $150.00

Hydrotherapy Colonic - $75.00


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Reginald A. Taylor

Owner/Massage Therapist

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Body Bliss Beyond has successfully serviced the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas for the past 6 years as a mobile massage therapy company. On January 1, 2012, Body Bliss opened the doors to its first location, Body Bliss Suites.
Body Bliss Beyond is owned and operated by Reginald A. Taylor, LMT. Mr. Taylor is a nationally certified massage therapist who consistently participates in continuing education courses and has studied a wide range of therapeutic massage techniques. Body Bliss therapists are all skilled in an extensive range of massage methods and tailor each massage to the client’s specific needs and preference.
Body Bliss Beyond’s goal is to make mental and physical wellness more than just words and concept. We intend to make it a reality. We are here to re-energize you by replenishing your stressed and fatigued mind and body. The cycle of exhaustion that has prevented you from achieving your goals can finally be put behind you.

Package Promo

(3) 1 Hour Therapeutic Massage - $180.00

(3) Hydrotherapy Colonic Package - $180.00